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Track5 DNS is a domain name system address book that provides you addresses of the all sites that are hosted on the internet. it’s a secure path to private browsing. New experience with 100% privacy using encrypted AI technology and algorithms developed by Siteage, LLC. Track5  Domain-Name-System AI algorithms base on the low level design for safe web browsing. Let’s  stop phishing attack, spoofing attacks, threats, gambling, and adult sites.

5 security Levels with Track5 

Level 1- Primary advantage the encryption that protect you from spoofing sites.

Level 2- 100% Privacy, feel the freedom of Privacy.

Level 3- Level of Trust when you are visiting  online Banking sites.

Level 4- Safe for child’s 

Level 5- Fool-proof track to block Internet ads, not need to install any Ad blocker plugin in your browser. 

Track5 DNS IPv4
Track5 DNS IPv6

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