Opens up new possibilities

Hybrid cloud solution

If you don’t want to move completely to cloud-based servers, a hybrid solution is the ideal choice. This allows you to use the performance of our dedicated servers in combination with the flexibility of our Cloud. This interaction opens up new possibilities which give you a competitive advantage. Let us advise you!
Siteage innovative

Public cloud solution

The Siteage Cloud offers you cloud based services which are customized for your organization explicit prerequisites and still act completely unique, can in this manner be adjusted whenever.
The ability to make short-term adaptations in a constantly variable IT concept is one of the greatest strengths of our Cloud. This Siteage solution is the ideal alternative to physical servers as it can be aligned with the requirements of your infrastructure at very short notice. This enables you to make the best use of existing resources anywhere and at any time.

Hot Plug Technology

Hot swap resource extension anytime.

Instant Provisioning
Provision of resources in real time.
Flex Resource
Autonomous resource management.
100% SLA
Highly available setup with SLA protection.