VICIdial Managed Hosting

Dedicated VICIdial® Predictive Dialer Stand Alone Servers and Clusters

Managed VICIdial® Hosting

VICIdial, a fully-featured call center suite designed to enable real-time monitoring and to keep a complete control over user administration. Customize it as per your requirement. It’s the best contemporary business communication tool which offers efficient lead management, minimizes call drops and delivers the immensely productive results.

A software suite built with reliable, secure and flexible features enabling a better way to connect with the clients. VICIdial is a complete call center solution ensuring better service, productivity and profitability. And this impels the progress of your business at an exceptional pace.

Dedicated VICIdial® Predictive Dialer

We offer a wide variety of predictive dialer hardware and custom configurations powered by ViciDial/ViciBox. This combination allows for high demand and lightning fast dialing.


Straightforward pricing

Designed for Small to Enterprise Business

VICIdial® Support

Our highly skilled team of VICIdial® trained experts can handle any custom configuration or setup you might need with ViciDial. We back our products with outstanding 24×7 support.

Benefits With VICIdial

Call-handling mechanics simplified

Let your clients connect better with your business. Vicidial simplifies the process of call handling

Real-time notification and functionality

An open source, enterprise class call center suite is built with an interface that supports web-based agents, delivers real-time functionality and information.

Hassle free campaign building

Plan your campaign the way it suits you. Vicidial is integrated with several features that help to run a successful campaign

Automated calling and enhanced accessibility

Extend the reach of your business with vicidial that is equipped with a comprehensive and capable predictive dialer.

Support, installation and configuration

Diligence and perfection is the foundation of our business. Constant monitoring of the calls, tracing of problems and fixing them immediately, is the ultimate aim of our services.

Dedicated hosting services

Come to us and we’ll ensure that your service works vigorously. We ensure reliability and high productivity with our hosting facilities.

Dedicated network security

Quality of networking, speed and its security matters the most. We understand this and take solid measures for the same.

Cost effectiveness

One solution for multiple needs together. So with our vicidial, you choose cost effectiveness for your business.

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  1. Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling

  2. Inbound Email handling

  3.  Outbound agent-controlled, broadcast

  4.  Web-based agent and administrative interfaces

  5.  Ability to have agents operate remotely

  6.  Integrated call recording

  7.  Three-Way calling within the agent application

  8.  Scheduled Callbacks: Agent-Only and Anyone

  9.  Web-configurable IVRs and Voicemail boxes

  10.  Scalable to hundreds of seats


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