SiteLock Security 360° Website Security Technology

The global leader in website security, with more than five million websites protected.

What is SiteLock®

SiteLock is one of our most capable site security arrangements. It filters your site for security holes as well as recognizes malware that programmers could use to take data, contaminate your clients or occupy activity.


Advantages of SiteLock®

Database Protection

Shield your site from SQL infusion. SQL infusion gives hackers access to your site and client database.

SiteLock tests your site simply like a hackers would to discover powerless spots.

Verifiable Trust Seal

When SiteLock finishes your site checking and confirms your webpage is without malware, you can gladly show the SiteLock Secure Seal on your site. Showing this identification indicates guests that your webpage is confirmed to be protected by the pioneer in site security.

Business Validation

Confirm your business email, telephone number, and deliver to give clients the certainty that they can contact you on account of any inquiry or concern.

Reputation Management

SiteLock site checking shields your site from arriving on web crawler and email boycotts with observing and notoriety administration. Ensure your correspondences achieve your clients, not their spam channels or hostile to infection programming. Above all, our site examining gets malware much sooner than Google spots it and close your site down.

File Change Monitoring

Complete site scans tell you when any file on your website changes, giving you full visibility to all of the activities on your site.

Premium Security

siteage Deep 360° Site Scan

siteage Network Security Scanning

siteage SQL Injections Scan

siteage Business Verification

siteage SSL Verification

siteage External Network Scan

siteage Cross Site Scripting (XSS)

siteage Brute Force Attacks Scan

siteage Backdoor Vulnerability Scan

siteage 24×7 Fast Support


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